Sep 11, 2010

❀ already looking forward to spring ❀

Now that New York Fashion Week has begun, I've been struck with a premature case of spring fever.  I love examining the new collections as the photographs are released from each runway show.  Every season, every year, this is my ritual.  It is always new, exciting and inspiring!

My favorite shows from the first day are; Nicholas K., Vena Cava, Jen Kao, and Kimberly Ovitz.
All of these designers' collections are extremely wearable and all fit in with my current style and mood.

Nicholas K.

The looks of Nicholas K. are a modern twist on the styles I wore as a teen in the mid-nineties.  The muted tones, slouchy feel, the boots and the attitude are reminiscent of my youth and probably why I love this collection so much.  I wish I could wear it now.

Vena Cava

Vena Cava sent beautiful wisps of silk down the runway in deeply saturated hues and pretty geometric patterns.

Jen Kao

Kimberly Ovitz

Both the above looks are different takes on the sweater and skirt combo.  One is floaty and whimsical, the other has more structure and edge.